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Repatriation of mortal remains in Italy or from Italy to the world

International and domestic funeral transport service

The funeral transport of a deceased family member takes place from the place of death to the place of burial. Global S.F. specialises in the repatriation of mortal remains worldwide and works on behalf of insurance companies, international repatriation agencies and family members. We take care of all the necessary communication, coordination and documentation with consulates, foreign offices, airlines and funeral directors.


Repatriation must take place within a well-defined period and taking into account the laws in force. When you rely on our international funeral company, you can count on over 20 years of experience and many successful repatriations. It is our constant endeavour to ensure that the repatriation of the body from abroad to Italy, or from Italy to any part of the world, goes smoothly and at a reasonable cost. At the same time, respect for the deceased person and their relatives is a priority for us.


We ensure that transportation and repatriations are carried out simply and quickly as well as ensuring compliance with hygiene and embalming regulations and the provision of information to institutions and insurance companies.

Below we list our services related to the repatriation of mortal remains and the three types of funeral transport in which we operate.

Preparation of the body

ressing the deceased (according to religious custom). If desired we will embalm the body and conduct a ritual washing).

Procurement of all documentation and customs clearance

Procurement of international death certificates and international authorizations for moving a body, as well as handling all necessary formalities required by foreign offices and consulates. Customs clearance.

Land transportation

Transportation of the deceased. Delivery of the coffin in accordance with regulations, return transportation if needed of luggage and valuables.

Air transportation

Coordination and booking of flights. Booking of flight tickets for accompanying persons during air transportation.


Organisation of a cremation and transportation of urn with ashes.


Upon request we can supply our own driver for return transportation of a vehicle.

Repatriation of mortal remains or ashes from Italy to abroad

rimpatrio salme dall'Italia all'estero

The repatriation of mortal remains or ashes from Italy to abroad is the most frequent type of funeral transport in our business. When the death of a foreign person who is in Italy for a holiday or of a foreign national who is resident or non-resident in our country occurs, we take care of the repatriation of the mortal remains to the country of origin.

If there is insurance cover, the international funeral transport is entrusted to us by the insurance company. Otherwise, it is the relatives of the deceased who request our services for the burial or interment of their deceased loved one.

Depending on the state of destination, there may be various bureaucratic procedures to deal with. For countries that adhere to the 1937 Berlin Convention on the transportation of corpses, there are well-defined procedures that require the coordination of various entities, such as the municipality where the death occurred, foreign embassies or consulates in Italy, the airline that will transport the body, and the funeral home that will receive the body in the country of destination. Currently, the states that have signed the convention include Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Egypt, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chile and Mexico.

For the repatriation of mortal remains to states that do not adhere to the Berlin Convention, the bureaucratic process may involve additional documents and legal procedures. In any case, it is essential to rely on an agency specialising in international funeral transport, such as Global S.F., which, thanks to its long years of experience and expertise, is able to resolve any problem and complete the repatriation of the mortal remains in the correct manner and timeframe.

Repatriation of mortal remains or ashes from abroad to Italy

rimpatrio salme dall'estero in italia

The death of a compatriot abroad is a fairly common case for which our intervention is requested. People who travel or stay frequently in foreign countries for business purposes usually have an insurance policy, and therefore the service of repatriating the mortal remains or ashes from abroad to Italy is requested by the company with which the policy was taken out as soon as it becomes aware of the death.
Of course, if your deceased loved one did not have insurance, you can contact us directly and instruct us to take your relative home. In any case, Global S.F. will take care of all the necessary operations with professionalism, discretion and transparency regarding costs.

Thanks to our experience and extensive network of contacts and agreements with various bodies, foreign funeral agencies and Italian Embassies or Consulates in the country where the death occurred, we will organise the repatriation of the mortal remains to Italy from abroad, taking care of all the bureaucratic aspects, customs clearance and transport to the place chosen for burial. 

Return of mortal remains or ashes between Italian municipalities

rientro della salma tra comuni italiani

Funeral transport between two municipalities within the borders of the Italian state is a simpler operation than repatriation. Once the documents have been submitted to the municipality where the death occurred, we will arrange for the mortal remains to be transported to the municipality's cemetery for burial. Domestic funeral transport is normally completed within two days.

The Global S.F. team is always there for you. Every day of the year, 24 hours a day.